The Ānāpānasati Sutta

There are sixteen instructions of mindfulness in the Ānāpānasati Sutta that are further broken down into four groups or Tetrads as follows (taken from Wikipedia):

  1. First Tetrad: Contemplation of the Body (kāya)
    1. Discerning the in and out breathing
    2. Discerning long or short breaths
    3. Experiencing the whole body (sabbakāya).
    4. Calming bodily formations (kāya-saṃskāra)
  2. Second Tetrad: Contemplation of the Feeling (vedanā)
    1. Experiencing rapture (pīti)[15]
    2. Experiencing pleasure (sukha)
    3. Experiencing mental fabrication (citta-saṃskāra)
    4. Calming mental fabrication
  3. Third Tetrad: Contemplation of the Mind (citta)
    1. Experiencing the mind
    2. Satisfying the mind
    3. Steadying the mind (samādhi)
    4. Releasing the mind
  4. Fourth Tetrad: Contemplation of the Mental Objects (dhammā)
    1. Dwelling on impermanence
    2. Dwelling on dispassion (virāga).
    3. Dwelling on cessation (nirodha).
    4. Dwelling on relinquishment (paṭinissaggā).